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Yildiz Inst. - مستشارون متخصصون للمساعدة في القبول والدراسة في الجامعات التركيةمستشارون متخصصون للمساعدة في القبول والدراسة في الجامعات التركية
6/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

Your evidence for studies in all Turkish universities Republic

Help you to choose between more than 200 world-class university in Turkey, with the possibility Date Turkish universities in various countries around the world, it is available as follows:

- Study in Turkish universities.
- Master's study.
- PhD studies.

It characterized by Turkey as a bridge between cultures, civilizations:

The fact that Turkey is a geographical and a cultural and economic bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey is heir to many natural and cultural treasures, and the level and quality of education and high education in Turkey at a time when expenses are appropriate and living costs.

Why Turkey:

Admission requirements and registration in Turkish universities easy especially that the distance between Turkey and Kuwait close to no more than three hours only, and can choose the language of instruction in English or Turkish language, when your choice of English will get the Turkish language in the duration of your stay in Turkey also, and perhaps Adarat and the convergence of cultures between the two countries will not make you feel alienated days.

Date conditions in Turkish universities:

1. High school diploma or equivalent (Diploma at least 70%) or general secondary certificate with the results of the following examinations:

C IGCSE: 70* Either get a total of at least

OLEVEL C: 70 or at least get

AS LEVEL C: 70* Either get a total of at least

A LEVEL C: 70Or at least get

+ 500 = 1000 SAT1500* Either get a total of at least

Or at least get the total in sports or physics 500SAT2



You can contact us through the following contact information

By phone

Ground Office 1: 22,452,831

Floor office 2: 22,452,832

Mobile secretarial: 99802026

Institute Director Mobile: 96656419

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You can visit us at Yildiz the National Institute for Training at the following address

Middle - 7 pieces - Khalid bin Waleed Street - Building 42 - the role of 4 - Behind the flag tower

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